DSSSB TGT Computer Science Previous Year Question Papers (192/14)

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  1. sapna says:

    sir when is the exam? send papers on my email id

  2. Manish says:

    This is really good stuff, Can you please provide answers too.

  3. Partibha kaur says:

    Sir what would be the cut off marks for this exam?

  4. Nitin Sharma says:

    Hi sir can you provide hand wirtten notes on mail id.

  5. Rakesh says:

    Any one may sent notes for tgt science at rakeshbhardwaj1888@gmail.com

  6. Pallavi says:

    anyone have the notification ? what is the time limit and is there only one Exam having 2 Paper ?

  7. Ashok kumar says:

    send me question pattern and question on my email id

  8. Rohan Malik says:

    18. What is the last column of a worksheet?
    a) AV
    b) IV
    c) VI
    d) VA

    how come answer can be b) IV when columns in worksheet arranged in Alphabetical order and acc. to that answer should be c) VI

    20. A CPU’s processing power is measured in ______________.
    a) IPS
    b) CIPS
    c) MIPS
    d) Nanosecond

    you mentioned as MIPS but the answer should be IPS (Instruction per second), As per WIKI Instructions per second (IPS) is a measure of a computer’s processor speed, The term is commonly used in association with a numeric value such as thousand instructions per second (TIPS), million instructions per second (MIPS), and billion instructions per second (GIPS).

    Please let me know if i am not correct

  9. dhir says:

    sir i want hand written notes but apka no. switch off araha hai…

  10. Jitender verma says:

    Is there any negative marks sir..?

  11. Sunita says:

    Sir i forgetton my dsssb pswd n changed my no..how i can access. Bcoz of dis i could nt challenge questions…

  12. Sir 60/12 Community wroker ka cut off kitne.ja.sakti hai

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