How to Calculate best four subject marks : DU Admissions 2019

University of Delhi - Delhi University - DU
University of Delhi - Delhi University - DU

Delhi University admissions 2019 for the under graduation exams will going to start soon. Many students have a confusion on how to calculate the best four subject marks. So in the article, we will try to clarify all students query regarding the calculation of best four subject marks for DU Admissions 2019.

How to Calculate the best four subject marks for DU Admissions 2019?

The four subjects you are choosing for taking admission in Delhi University need to include the following :

  • One language Subject (Core/Elective/Functional)
  • Three best academic/elective subjects from the list given below.
Legal StudiesFrench
SpanishCommerce/Business Studies
Computer Science/Informatics PracticesStatistics
Home SciencePolitical Science


  • .Out of three, the academic/elective subject chosen above, one must be the concerned subject in which the admission is sought, failing which a deduction of 2.5% will be imposed on the calculated ‘Best Four’ percentage. For example: If you want to do B.Sc. Mathematics then you must choose Mathematics in Best four subject otherwise you will face a deduction of 2.5%.

Basis of calculation of Best Four

  1. Mass Media Studies will be treated as an academic subject for the purpose of admission to B.A. (Hons.) Journalism (Hindi/ English).
  2. In case an applicant has studied elective and core languages, the core language subject will be treated as language, while elective language can be considered as an academic/elective subject.
  3. Admission to B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology will be based on ‘Best Four’ percentage as in B.A. (Hons.) Psychology.
  4. Admission to B.A. (Hons.) Social Work and B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy will be based on ‘Best Four’ percentage including one language and three academic/elective subjects as per the above procedure.
  5.  The applicants must have studied and passed Mathematics at the qualifying exam for admission to B.A. (Honours) in Economics.
  6. If a candidate does not include subjects given above in ‘best four’ then a candidate will have to face a deduction of 2.5 % for each subject.
    For example, if an applicant includes physical education in his/her ‘best four’, he/she will face a deduction.
  7. (a) For admission to Honours in any language programme, an advantage of 2% in the ‘Best Four’ percentage will be given to those applicants who have studied that particular elective language.
    (b) In case, an applicant has not studied a language at qualifying exam and is seeking admission to Honours in that language (except for Honours in English and Hindi, refer, deduction of 5% will be imposed on ‘Best Four’ percentage.
    (c) For admission to Honours in English and Hindi, the applicant must have studied and passed the respective language in the qualifying exam and should include respective language for calculation of ‘Best Four’ percentage.
  8. University may define any other relevant subjects as an academic/ elective for a
    particular Honours programme.

For the List of documents required for admission in Delhi University visit here.

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