DU B. Com. Best Four Subjects and Eligibility Criteria 2019

DU B. Com. Eligibility Criteria and Best Four Subjects
DU B. Com. Eligibility Criteria and Best Four Subjects

Delhi University Bachelor of Commerce – B. Com.  Hons. admission is Merit Based Admission. Selection will be based on the marks obtained in the qualifying exam i.e. 10+2. More details about DU B. Com.  Hons. Best Four Subjects and Delhi University Bachelor of Vocational – B. Com.  Hons. Eligibility Criteria 2019 read the article below.

Delhi University Admissions for Entrance and Merit-Based courses

Table of Contents

DU B. Com.  Hons. Eligibility Criteria:

Combination of Subjects for Best Four Calculation

An aggregate of 60% or more in English/Hindi and combination of best three among the following subjects: Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies/ Commerce.

Inclusion of any subject other than mentioned above from List B in the combination of best three will lead to a deduction of 1% per subject on the aggregate, with a maximum net deduction of 2%.

Inclusion of any subject other than List B in the combination of the best three will lead to a deduction of 2.5% per subject on the aggregate of the Best Four.

List A: Language Subjects

List A1

  1. Assamese Core/ Assamese Elective
  2. Gujarati Core/ Gujarati Elective
  3. Maithili Core/ Maithili Elective
  4. Odia Core/ Odia Elective
  5. Tamil Core/ Tamil Elective
  6. Bengali Core/ Bengali Elective
  7. Hindi Core/ Hindi Elective
  8. Malayalam Core/ Malayalam Elective
  9. Punjabi Core/ Punjabi Elective
  10. Telegu Core/ Telegu Elective
  11. Bodo Core/ Bodo Elective
  12. Kannada Core/ Kannada Elective
  13. Manipuri Core/ Manipuri Elective
  14. Sanskrit Core/ Sanskrit Elective
  15. Urdu Core/ Urdu Elective
  16. Dogri Core/ Dogri Elective
  17. Kashmiri Core/ Kashmiri Elective
  18. Marathi Core/ Marathi Elective
  19. Santhali Core/ Santhali Elective
  20. English Core/ English Elective
  21. Konkani Core/ Konkani Elective
  22. Nepali Core/ Nepali Elective
  23. Sindhi Core/ Sindhi Elective

List A2

  1. Spanish Core/ Spanish Elective
  2. Arabic Core/ Arabic Elective
  3. French Core/ French Elective
  4. German Core/ German Elective
  5. Italian Core/ Italian Elective

List B (Elective Subjects)

  1. Accountancy
  2. Computer Science/ Computer Applications/ Informatics Practices
  3. Mathematics
  4. Anthropology
  5. Economics
  6. Philosophy/Logic and Philosophy
  7. Biology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  8. Geography
  9. Physics
  10. Business
  11. Mathematics
  12. Geology
  13. Political Science
  14. Chemistry
  15. History
  16. Psychology
  17. Civics
  18. Home Science
  19. Sociology
  20. Commerce/Business Studies
  21. Legal Studies
  22. Statistics


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