DU B. Com. (Hons.) Best Four Subjects and Eligibility Criteria 2019

DU B. Com. Hons. Eligibility Criteria and Best Four Subjects
DU B. Com. Hons. Eligibility Criteria and Best Four Subjects

Delhi University Bachelor of Commerce – B. Com.  Hons. admission is Merit Based Admission. Selection will be based on the marks obtained in the qualifying exam i.e. 10+2. More details about DU B. Com.  Hons. Best Four Subjects and Delhi University Bachelor of Vocational – B. Com.  Hons. Eligibility Criteria 2019 read the article below.

Delhi University Admissions for Entrance and Merit-Based courses

Table of Contents

DU B. Com.  Hons. Eligibility Criteria:

Additional Eligibility Criteria

50% or more marks in Mathematics/Business Mathematics Combination of Subjects for

Best Four Calculation

An aggregate of 60% or more in English/Hindi and combination of best three among the following subjects: Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies/ Commerce.

Inclusion of any subject other than mentioned above from List B in the combination of best three will lead to a deduction of 1% per subject on the aggregate, with a maximum net deduction of 2%.

Inclusion of any subject other than List B in the combination of best three will lead to a deduction of 2.5% per subject on the aggregate of the Best Four

List A: Language Subjects

List A1

  1. Assamese Core/ Assamese Elective
  2. Gujarati Core/ Gujarati Elective
  3. Maithili Core/ Maithili Elective
  4. Odia Core/ Odia Elective
  5. Tamil Core/ Tamil Elective
  6. Bengali Core/ Bengali Elective
  7. Hindi Core/ Hindi Elective
  8. Malayalam Core/ Malayalam Elective
  9. Punjabi Core/ Punjabi Elective
  10. Telegu Core/ Telegu Elective
  11. Bodo Core/ Bodo Elective
  12. Kannada Core/ Kannada Elective
  13. Manipuri Core/ Manipuri Elective
  14. Sanskrit Core/ Sanskrit Elective
  15. Urdu Core/ Urdu Elective
  16. Dogri Core/ Dogri Elective
  17. Kashmiri Core/ Kashmiri Elective
  18. Marathi Core/ Marathi Elective
  19. Santhali Core/ Santhali Elective
  20. English Core/ English Elective
  21. Konkani Core/ Konkani Elective
  22. Nepali Core/ Nepali Elective
  23. Sindhi Core/ Sindhi Elective

List A2

  1. Spanish Core/ Spanish Elective
  2. Arabic Core/ Arabic Elective
  3. French Core/ French Elective
  4. German Core/ German Elective
  5. Italian Core/ Italian Elective

List B (Elective Subjects)

  1. Accountancy
  2. Computer Science/ Computer Applications/ Informatics Practices
  3. Mathematics
  4. Anthropology
  5. Economics
  6. Philosophy/Logic and Philosophy
  7. Biology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  8. Geography
  9. Physics
  10. Business
  11. Mathematics
  12. Geology
  13. Political Science
  14. Chemistry
  15. History
  16. Psychology
  17. Civics
  18. Home Science
  19. Sociology
  20. Commerce/Business Studies
  21. Legal Studies
  22. Statistics


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