HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus – Level 3

HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus
HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus

Haryana board conducts the exam for the teachers eligibility (HTET) for the post of HTET PGT Computer science every year. In this post we are sharing the detailed and Complete syllabus for the HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus. This exam comes under HTET Level 3. Further details about the HTET PGT Computer Science syllabus level 3 is given below.

Name of Exam Haryana teacher eligibility test (HTET)
Level of Exam Level 3
Subject Computer Science
Grade pay 4600/-
Exam details HTET PGT Computer Science
Post name HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus
Exam type Offline
Number of Questions 150
Maximum Marks 150
Minimum Qualifying marks 90 for General Category

Below we have shared the HTET PGT Computer science syllabus in detailed form.

HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus

  1. Programming in C++ C Structures and functions,  
  2. Programming in C++ (Declaration of Structure variables and passing Structure to functions), 
  3. Programming in C++ (classes and objects, constructors and destructors), 
  4. Data structure through C++(Introduction stack), 
  5. Data structure through C++ (Queue array sorting), 
  6. Database concepts & SQL, 
  7. SQL commands, 
  8. Introduction to software engineering, 
  9. Concept of networking & internet, 
  10. HTML
HTET Computer Science Handwritten Notes
HTET Computer Science Handwritten Notes

Computer Fundamental  & Operating System Introduction to computer system, History of Computer, Different types of computer, Generation of Computer and Components of Computer . GUI operating system (Windows Xp, Windows 7, Advantage and disadvantages of computers)

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Word Processor: Introduction to MS Word, Components of MS-WORD, Formatting & Editing the text, Creation of Tables, Pictures and graphics. Cut, Copy, Paste in MS WORD, Mail Merge technique in MSWORD.

Electronic Spreadsheet MS EXCEL Introduction to MS EXCEL Worksheet, Workbook, Introduction to cell, row & column, Basic functions(SUM(), Max(),MINAVG())

Number system and logic Gate Introduction to number system(Decimal, Binary, Octal & Hexadecimal). Different types of Conversions. Introduction to logic gates ( AND, OR, NOT) with truth table & Electronic Circuit. MS POWER POINT — Introduction to MS Power point, Different types of slides creations and transitions.

Introduction to C++  and Basic OOPs Concept, Introduction to C++ language, Basic Concepts of OOPs (Object, Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphisam, Reusability,  (only introduction) | Different Data Types | Introduction to Data types ( int, char, Float, double, void) & data modifiers (long signed & Unsigned)

Operators and Expressions, Input & output operators, Unary, Binary & Ternary operators, Relational & Logical operators, Assignment Operator, Comma Operators, Increment & Decrement operators

Further the questions from five different subjects such as Hindi, English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and General Knowledge will be asked.

HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus - Level 3 [Complete & Detailed]
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HTET PGT Computer Science Syllabus - Level 3 [Complete & Detailed]
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