Yes Bank Product Manager – Branch Cross Sell Recruitment Bank JObs 2016


Yes Bank Product Manager РBranch Cross Sell  Recruitment Bank JObs 2016

Job Details 

Reference Code: 3853

Job Title: Product Manager – Branch Cross Sell

Job Description: 1. Will have to work towards improvements in the current processes and track and interact with the Stake holders
2. Will be part of the Discussions with the Various Business Units
a. Lead Generator Business Units (Branch , YCOPS , Government Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Finance, Corporate Banking, SME Teams) and
b. Lead Fulfillment Business Units (All the 10 Retail Asset Products Auto, PL, LAP, CV, CE, HCF, SBL, TW, LAS, LAG)
c. Cross Sales Channel Business Units (ADMS , Cross Sell Heads, SL, CBL, RBL)
3. Driving the Actionables and tracking the same and co ordinating the execution of the actionables decided
4. Feeding the NSM / RBL / CBL / SL with their respective data which will help the respective leaders identify the areas of improvement to take actions on the field
5. Highlighting the areas wherein the Respective Lead Owner Teams are not actioning the leads generated so that the Cross Sell Team can immediately touch base with the teams and action
6. Any Challenges faced by the Lead Generator Business Units and the Cross Sell Team is not getting desired results from the respective Lead Generator Business Units

Key Skills: 1. Extremely Strong in Crunching Data
2. Has interacted with the Sales Teams in his earlier role
3. Experience in Retail Assets (Sales / Operations)

Location: Mumbai

Required Experience: 7-11 yrs

Positions: 1

How To Apply: Apply Online , click the link given below



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